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CTIP FII Projects 2022

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CTIP FII Inc. Projects 2022

P2A 300 Beds Hospital Project Dakar, Senegal

Design Concept for the SIB BANK Head Office Building Project Monrovia, Liberia

Rivercess County Community Hospital Project Rivercess County, Liberia

CTIP -FIVA Project in Senegal

NSIS Housing Project
287 Housing Units in Senegal

Partial list of Projects and activities being pursued For the Year 2022

Infrastructure is the Foundation of Economic Development.


CTIP- FII is a private investment firm principally engaged in the business of project financing, for both public and private projects. We act as t he investment and financial advisor, at the same time the project developer. Our expertise is more into undertaking government infra structure projects, under what is called Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) through various contractual arrangements as provided for in the PPP Law that fits the Project.

Likewise, there are certain private projects that we are able to design the financial structure using PPP concept as a model in finding the right financing for the Project.

Moreover, CTIP-FII together with our strategic partners, can manage, sale, and marketing of investment products focused more on private offerings where the funds are for specific project undertakings. The project can be one or more projects, but each project is covered by a well-defined private offering. This private offering shall be in the form of a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). However, should there be any intention to expand its offerings consistent with the requirement of the Project, beyond such private offering, CTIP-FII and its strategic partners can raise the project funds via asset backed securities or project securitization in accordance with existing Laws on securitization of assets.

The project financing referred to herein are divided into six classifications, namely:

How our Project Funds are Structured

The Future on Public Construction.

(PPP) Services



CTIP-FII ADVOCACY: Supporting Local Government Capacity Build Up

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